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Why You Deserve Child Support

Many people go into a marriage with an honest belief that they are engaged in a relationship that will last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, people and things can change; fights and disagreements can occur; and life can get in the way. It’s understandable when separation or divorce is the only option couples have left. But when there are children involved, these situations can become extremely hard to handle.

In the state of Florida, parents must attend a parenting class, which explains things such as child support and how their divorce will affect their children but that doesn’t always make things easier.

Regardless of why you’re divorcing your spouse, there are many reasons why collecting child support is a beneficial option for many single parents.


Although you may have heard about child support from a friend or family member, you should understand what it is exactly before heading into a case such as this.

Because living arrangements for both parents can be difficult, for starters, child support is usually given to the parent who spends a majority of the time with the child. Child support is payments that are scheduled on a regular basis, whether monthly or weekly, for many care costs. These costs can include things such as health insurance, daycare, transportation, and other expenses. Child support can be granted based on income, time spent with the child, and even their daily expenses.

After understanding child support, both parents should know why child support is a key part of the divorce process.


One of the biggest reasons why child support is in place and why you deserve to be paid child support is the benefits it provides your children.

If you are living off of a low income or cannot afford certain expenses, child support payments can help reduce some financial stress. Your children deserve to attend clean and safe daycare facilities and require insurance to stay healthy. Both parents should understand that a court’s only interest in a case such as this is the welfare of the child.

You Can Spend More Time at Home

Unfortunately for a parent who spends more time with a child, if you earn a smaller income, you may be required to work more hours to pay for your child’s needs. Child support payments can reduce the amount of hours you have to work and allow you to spend more time with your children. If your ex-spouse is receiving twice the income that you are, it is only fair to you and your children that you see a portion of that money.

Your Children Will Be Happier

Since the welfare of your children is the most important issue, making sure they are happy with every aspect of their life, especially after a divorce, is what the court is looking to achieve. No parent should have to tell their children that they can’t afford groceries or send them on a school function because they have no money. Receiving child support payments will allow you to give your child everything he or she needs to succeed and be happy.

Going through a divorce is never easy, regardless of how each parent acts in the situation. We want to make sure that you and your children are receiving the best options available that will you keep you safe, happy, and healthy. If you contact us today, we will take care of you and negotiate child support payments that will allow you to live securely through these difficult times. Call us at 305-717-7130.

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