Nursing Home Abuse

Why Falls in Nursing Homes Are More Common Than You Might Think

According to research from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 1800 residents in nursing homes suffer fatal wounds from fall injuries every single year. Many of the individuals who survive still suffer devastating injuries—making it difficult—if not impossible—to completely recover (if at all).

Unfortunately, nursing home falls are far too common because older residents often have health problems that require additional care and assistance, such as:

  • Difficulty walking
  • Loss of bone density
  • Side effects from medications
  • Poor vision
  • Other physical disabilities

However, many of these nursing home falls can be prevented if nursing home employees and staff take the proper steps to insure safety and supervise residents properly.

Most Common Causes of Nursing Home Fall Injuries

Although some accidents are truly just accidents, nursing home staff can play a key part in protecting the safety of nursing home residents on a daily basis. When a new patient is admitted to a facility, staff should always first assess the patient’s risk for falls and determine the appropriate interventions for mitigating these risks.

Reassessment should occur anytime that a fall has happened or when a patient’s medical condition changes. Those residents most at risk should be watched carefully and should get assistance from a staff member during any type of transfer to prevent falling.

Other safety gear might include:

  • An appropriate armchair with wheels locked on the side
  • Canes
  • Walkers
  • Nonskid footwear
  • A bed with retractable rails

What seems like a small oversight by a property manager or nursing home staff or maintenance crew could lead to critical accidents and injuries.

What Should I Do If a Loved One Has Already Suffered Injuries From a Fall?

After getting a medical diagnosis and putting together a treatment plan for your loved one, it is essential that you contact an experienced personal injury attorney in Jacksonville to talk through your options. There are time limits for filing a nursing home lawsuit if your loved one has been the victim of neglect or abuse, so you need to contact an attorney sooner rather than later.

It can be devastating to learn that a loved one has suffered injuries as a result of a fall, especially when you discover that the accident could have been prevented. If this sounds like you, you are not alone. In this confusing time, it can be very helpful to connect with a personal injury attorney in Jacksonville to learn more about filing a legal claim and damages to which your loved one may be entitled.

When Someone Else is Responsible

When a nursing home has failed to provide the proper precautions and safety materials to address a resident’s fall risk—and if that resident becomes injured – a family member has the right to take action. While some falls are certainly unavoidable, other times nursing home falls are the direct result of negligence. Many of these accidents are preventable, but it is the victim who ends up paying the price.

A fall can be very difficult for an elderly individual, and can even be fatal. There is no doubt that as the loved one of someone in this situation, you are both frustrated and disappointed that your elderly loved one is struggling with the aftermath of such a serious accident.

When this happens to someone you love, you need to contact a personal injury attorney in Jacksonville to determine the most appropriate course of action for your loved one. It may be difficult for your loved one to recover medically or emotionally, but you also need to take important steps to prevent this fall from happening again.

Speak with an Experienced Nursing Home Negligence Attorney

Filing a nursing home negligence claim in Florida may be an important first step towards telling the nursing home that you are serious about preventing future injuries and that safety should be a first priority for all the staff working there. Learn more about your options, including whether filing a claim makes sense.


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