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Top 4 Things You Should Do Prior to Seeking Custody of Your Kids

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If you feel as though you are ready to initiate the process to gain custody of your kids, you need to make sure you are prepared to start this process properly. This means you need to create a plan. The fact is, a child custody cases are often a long and emotional process, not to mention expensive. As a result, you need to do everything you can now to prevent possible issues and to be prepared for what may happen along the way.

Become Educated About the Process

You need to take the time to learn everything possible about what to expect during the child custody process. Your attorney is likely going to be an invaluable resource in pointing you toward books, resources and other materials that will help to put you ahead of the game. Make sure to learn the key terms you will hear during a child custody case because you will need to understand what they mean to protect yourself. Also, take some time to find out what the process entails and how long it is going to take.

Put Your Focus on Your Kids

It is important that you put your focus on the needs, health, and emotions of your children before a child custody case. Make sure to spend time with them doing fun, positive activities that they like. Keep in mind, even when you are getting a divorce, you need to keep things as normal as possible for your children. Also, make sure you prepare them for the changes that will be coming to their lives and look for any behavioral changes that may indicate they are having issues a change in custody.

Reduce the Use of Social Media Along the Way

If you are going through a child custody case, your biggest enemy can be social media. While you may want to express how you are feeling online, you need to refrain from doing so to help protect yourself. What you post on social media may wind up being used against you in court. As a result, the best thing you can do is avoid using social media altogether when you are going through a divorce. For example, if you make the decision to post a photo of yourself going to a costly salon or even having a spa day, but later you file to receive alimony, the photo can be used against you to prove your financial situation. The best rule of thumb is just to avoid using social media altogether before and during your divorce.

Take a Look at Your Finances

You need to take a long hard look at your financial situation before you file for divorce. After all, this process can be expensive. Make sure you understand your financial situation, what you are entitled to and other factors to protect yourself.

If you are thinking about filing for child custody, you should hire an attorney for help. This will ensure you handle the process quickly and that your rights are protected throughout the entire process.

You don’t have to try and handle everything on your own. Filing for full custody of your children is a big decision and one you need to think about carefully. You can find more help, resources, and information by visiting the Lawyers Corner blog, where you will find the actionable advice you can use.


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