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Situations That May Warrant a Negligent Security Lawsuit

Negligent Security Lawsuit

Each day, millions of people get up and go to work without giving it much thought. If you are like most people, then you have a false sense of security when it comes to the safety in your place of employment. When a gas station is robbed and an employee is injured, they may be able to file a lawsuit against their employer. If the owner of the gas station did not have security measures in place to prevent this type of crime from taking place, they could be hit with a negligent security lawsuit. Below are some of the situations that could warrant this type of lawsuit.

Non-Existent Store Security

If a person is shopping at a store or even eating at a restaurant and are robbed, they could file a negligent security lawsuit. Some business owners will try to save a few dollars by not hiring security professionals to patrol their property. While this may allow a business owner to keep more of their money, it will put them at risk of being sued if a customer is robbed. Finding a reputable and experienced security company is the best way to enhance the safety and security a business has.

Negligence on a Landlord’s Behalf

Thousands of renters are put into harm’s way each year due to the negligence of their landlord. If an apartment complex is not properly secured, it can be easy for a criminal element to move in. By failing to secure a rental property, a landlord will be putting their tenants in dangers. If you have been robbed or injured due to the negligence of your landlord, then you will need to contact a lawyer immediately. The longer you wait to make a move regarding a lawsuit, the more of a chance there will be that the statute of limitations runs out.

Negligent Staffing

If an employer hire an individual who is not qualified to offer security to their building, they could be held responsible for any robberies or injuries that occur. An employer will have to spend time properly vetting the workers they hire to offer security to their building. The time that is invested into this type of research and vetting will pay off greatly in the long run. Rushing through the hiring process will only lead to mistakes being made along the way.

Why Hiring a Lawyer is Your Best Bet

You may be wondering why hiring a lawyer in cases like this is important. The main reason why hiring an attorney is wise is due to the knowledge they have regarding negligent security laws and statutes. In order to build a case, you will need a legal professional to assist you ever step of the way.

Let Hilton & Somer be Your First Call!

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