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Signs You Need To Contact a Workers Compensation Attorney

igns You Need To Contact a Workers Compensation Attorney

Going to work on a daily basis is probably something you are accustomed to. The familiarity of your work environment can be a good and a bad thing. The more at ease you are at work, the higher your chance of having an accident will be. Being injured at work can be a very scary experience. Luckily, there is workers compensation insurance out there. Employers are required to have this type of insurance to cover the medical bills their employees may incur after an accident. With over 3 million workplace accidents taking place each year, you may find yourself a victim of one. Below are some of the signs you may notice when it is time to contact a lawyer for your workers compensation case.

You Aren’t Able to Perform Everyday Tasks

After your injury, you may have difficulty participating in certain activities. If aspects of your personal and professional life are suffering as a result of your injuries, then you need to contact a lawyer immediately. Your lawyer will be able to assess your condition and give you some advice regarding how to get compensation for your injuries. Neglecting to contact a legal professional in a situation can lead to you suffering in silence or missing out on compensation you are owed.

You Feel Threatened by Your Employers

Does it feel like your employer is trying to make you quit your job following an accident? There are numerous cases where employers try to intimidate accident victims to get them to quit so that don’t have to pay their workers compensation benefits anymore. In instances like this, you need to call on a lawyer to help you out. They will be able to fill you in on what your rights are and help eliminate the threats you are receiving.

The Workers Compensation Claim You Filed Has Been Denied

Have you filed a workers compensation claim that has been denied? If so, you need to contact a lawyer right away. When you feel like you have been wronged and deserve compensation, you will have to fight for it. The best way to get assistance during this process is by hiring an experienced lawyer. They will be able to put a price tag on your injuries and go after the insurance companies on your behalf.

Your Employer Does Not File a Claim About Your Accident

Another common reason why hiring a lawyer may be necessary after a workplace accident is due to the fact that your employer does not file a claim. If it feels as if your employer is trying to “sweep things under the rug,” then getting some legal help is important.

Our Law Firm Can Help!

The team at Scott J. Sternberg & Associates P.A. have helped a number of people get compensation after a workplace accident. Give us a call at 561-419-9321 to schedule a consultation.


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