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Fees vary according to the type of bankruptcy filed. An experienced Kansas City bankruptcy lawyer can help you determine which bankruptcy fits your situation.

Which Type of Bankruptcy Should I File?

  • Chapter 7or “liquidation” bankruptcy, discharges your legal obligation to pay most unsecured debts. You must meet eligibility requirements to file for Chapter 7.
  • Chapter 13, or “Wage Earner’s Plan,” enables individuals and married couples with regular income to repay all or part of their debts. Debtors develop a Plan with their attorney and make payments to the Chapter 13 Trustee who in turn makes payments to creditors over a period of time. Chapter 13 offers an opportunity to save homes from foreclosurestop repossession of cars, and even strip off some second mortgages. See below for information on No Fee Up-Front pricing!
  • Chapter 11, or the “reorganization” chapter, can be an effective method of debt relief for businesses wanting to continue operations while taking control of their finances. Chapter 11 can be used to lower secured bank debt, stop lawsuits, reject leases and lower monthly payments on unsecured debts. In some instances, individuals and married couples needing to file personal bankruptcy can file under this chapter, if they are unable to qualify or should not file under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

Our attorney fees are fully disclosed (to clients and the Courts) and competitive. We do not charge a fee for an initial phone consultation to review your financial situation and offer you legal options.

During a free and confidential phone consultation, we will help you determine which bankruptcy fits your financial situation and what your bankruptcy costs will total. Please reach out to an experienced bankruptcy attorney by calling (816) 561 1818 to receive a quote based on your current needs.

What Are the Legal Fees for Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 – Total fees for a Chapter 7 case vary depending on factors such as complexity, is there a business involved, are there lawsuits or liens filed etc. We will provide flat fee pricing for Chapter 7 cases usually at the time of the initial phone consultation. We do not set deadlines for the payment of fees and accept payment plans. In addition, once you come in for your initial in-office consultation,  engage our services and pay a retainer of $200 or more, you can let your creditors know you have retained an attorney and we will be willing to talk with your creditors as your legal representative.

Chapter 13 – We now will file No Fee Up-Front Chapter 13 cases. That is right . . . you do not have to pay anything toward the costs of a lawyer to get your case filed, as long as you have a job and have direct pay to the Trustee! We are willing to be paid over time through the Chapter 13 Plan . . . . so you do not pay us anything directly (except for the Court filing costs shown below). We can file the case, save your home, car, stop that garnishment etc., and you pay nothing up front . . . except court costs!

Our attorney fees under Chapter 13 are charged on an hourly basis and paid through the Chapter 13 Plan after receiving Court approval.

*The Sader Law Firm reserves the right to charge a Fee in certain circumstances due to case complexity, emergency nature or if the case requires filing outside of the Kansas City area. The No Fee Up-Front Chapter 13 cases must utilize direct pay such as a Wage Order. Cases not utilizing direct pay or Wage Orders are subject to higher Initial Fees.


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