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How Dump Truck Accidents Differ from Traditional Accidents

Dump Truck Accidents

Each time you get on the road, you are sharing it with dump trucks. These large vehicles are used to transporting loose materials from construction sites, to dispose of hazardous materials and haul garbage away. Unfortunately, because of the large size of dump trucks, they pose a serious risk to other cars and trucks on the road. If a dump truck accident occurs, it will be extremely different than traditional passenger vehicle incidents.

Catastrophic Injuries Resulting from Dump Truck Accidents

Responsibility in dump truck accidents differs greatly from traditional accidents. To begin with, the dump truck driver may not be the only person considered responsible. In some situations, the manufacturer or company of the truck’s components may be considered at fault.

When a dump truck accident occurs, there are a number of unique challenges that must be dealt with. In many cases, these trucks have leasing companies, several service technicians and may never be driven by the same person. As a result, all these parties pool together, creating a rather difficult and confusing claim process. In most cases, each one is going to deny responsibility for the accident and injuries that occur. If the dump truck is a property of an agency that is run by the state, then government immunity rule may apply, as well, which will just further complicate the process to make a claim.

Unfortunately, because dump truck accidents can result in catastrophic injuries, victims have extremely high medical costs, and many windsup being permanently disfigured. In other cases, the victims may not survive, which will result in a wrongful death claim having to be filed by the surviving family members.

With the catastrophic issues related to dump truck accidents, and the high associated costs, it is often necessary to hire a lawyer for help. An attorney who has prior experience with trucking accidents will be beneficial in these situations. They can navigate the legal system and prevent those who are responsible from avowing liability by trying to place the blame on someone else.

Common Causes of Dump Truck Accidents

The majority of dump truck accidents occur due to negligence. Trying to figure out who is responsible for negligent acts can be obvious in some cases, but in other situations, it will require a more in-depth investigation. Some of the most common causes of these incidents include:

  • A failure to provide adequate training or used licensed drivers
  • A failure to conduct proper background checks on the operators
  • A failure to enforce driving hours
  • A failure to properly maintain the truck and components
  • A failure to check the truck’s safety and performance

A dump truck company is going to have their own attorneys and investigators to look into the cause of a dump truck accident. As a result, it is important for victims to have the same representation. After all, the dump truck company is going to try and find ways to minimize what they must pay. You need someone fighting for you and your rights.

If you have been involved in a dump truck accident and suffered an injury, then you need to contact an attorney for help. They can review the facts of your case and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

If you want more information about truck accidents and what you can do to recover compensation for the injuries you suffered, visit the Lawyers Corner blog.


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