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Your First Steps after a Car Accident in South Florida

Florida residents unfortunately have higher odds of being in a car accident than residents of most other states nationwide. It is so important to be prepared in the event of an accident to safeguard yourself from having to fight with your insurance company. If your case should go to court, what you do right after the accident can directly impact your chances of winning.

If you are in a car accident and have serious injuries, immediate medical treatment should be your first priority. In accidents where you are uninjured or injuries are minor, take these critical first steps immediately after the incident:

Document the Accident Scene

These days, one of the benefits of smartphone use is that almost everyone has a camera at hand at all times. Safely take as many photos as you can of the damage on your vehicle, the other vehicle and the area surrounding the accident.

Pay close attention to point of view shots. If you can safely get a clear photo of each driver’s points of view, for example, if you were both entering an intersection, try to get a photo.

Get Witness Statements

If there was anyone who saw the accident, make sure you speak with them before they leave. Talk to them about how much they remember seeing and from what viewpoint.

Do not forget to get their name and contact details. If you don’t have a camera with you, ask one of the witnesses if they would be able to take photos for you. Be absolutely sure to exchange information.

Call the Police

A police report can be critical in a car accident case. Moreover, police reports are very important to insurance companies. Police will draw up a full re-enactment of how the accident occurred. If the other driver is at fault, please remember that they may try to persuade you not to call the police.

You are actually required to contact the police in any accident with damages over $500. To better protect yourself and vastly increase your chances of a higher insurance payout or a win in court, it is imperative that you have the police involved.

Get Medical Attention

Again, if your injuries are serious or life-threatening, do this right away. If they are minor, you can wait until the scene is documented, witnesses are gathered and the police are on the scene.

It is still imperative that you get medical attention as quickly as possible for insurance and legal reasons. It is harder to prove your injuries were a result of the crash if you wait too long to see a doctor.

Almost 25% of Florida drivers are uninsured and another 50 percent have the state minimum insurance requirements, according information from the National Insurance Institute.

Personal injury protection (PIP) and damage protection limits are only $10,000 and insurance is only required to pay 80 percent of that in injury coverage and 60 percent for lost wages.

When you have been in a car accident that was not your fault, it is imperative to contact an experienced attorney to protect yourself and your family from being financially burdened by both the accident and all associated costs in medical bills, insurance hikes and missed work.

Consult with Florida Car Accident Attorney Today

Fetterman & Associates have the benefit of years of experience and their own investigative team to get to the bottom of any car accident case. During your free consultation with Fetterman & Associates, they will determine if you have a case as well as formulate the best plan to get you the justice you deserve. There is nothing to lose by calling them today. The only risk you take is in not reaching out.

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