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Employer Settlements: Can I Sue if I Lose My Job?

Settlement agreements are normally offered to employees when they are dismissed from work. The documents generally outline the terms and conditions of the deal. In most cases, an employee is offered money in return for particular conditions, such as not filing a claim against their employer. It is always a final sign-off before the termination of employment.

Settlement agreements are also given to employees if the employer has every reason to think that they are guilty of misconduct or are performing poorly. After signing a settlement agreement, your employment is terminated immediately. You typically receive a certain amount of money in return for losing your job and particularly employment rights.

But if in any case you refuse to sign, you may face a disciplinary procedure or even a dismissal situation.

Either way, this experience is often stressful. So, here is exactly what you need to do first before making a decision.


Being terminated or resigning from a job typically involves a conversation with a supervisor, HR or even an exit interview. This confrontation can often be a shock if it’s unexpected, making it difficult to recall what was said during the meeting later. Therefore, it’s important to write down and record what was said. Being able to refer to this information later on can help when filing a claim against your employer.


It is a legal requirement that every employee gets advice from a highly qualified professional. Sometimes an employer will even pay for legal advice. If you and an attorney choose to request a settlement from an employer, only then will it become a binding agreement. A settlement only becomes official with an attorney present.

Additionally, you may want to consider the likely loss of leverage. If you leave your working before settling your claim, then you may have a hard time filing a lawsuit as leverage in case your claim is not settled for the amount you want.


If you wish to file a lawsuit you may need to deal with an attorney, pretrial hearings, and so on. If you have not yet hired an workers’ compensation attorney in Florida, now is the time. Contact Scott Sternberg & Associates for a free consultation. In fact we don’t ask for any upfront fee and there is absolutely no cost until you win!

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