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Cost of Your Florida Car Accident


Getting into a car accident is often a very shocking and unpleasant experience. As well as being a shocking experience, a car accident can also be very costly. There are number of financial costs that are often associated with the aftermath of an auto accident. In many cases, a considerable portion of the auto accident costs will come out of your own pocket even with insurance. As a result, you may find yourself in a very troublesome financial situation. Due to these factors, it is very important to know about and understand how you can recover and get compensate for these costs.


Car accidents that occur can be very devastating not only in loss of life but also financially. The most common costs associated with auto accidents include property damage and medical costs. There are a number of other costs associated with auto accidents. These are usually costs that are likely incurred on a long term basis after the accident has occurred.

Medical expenses – Whenever a person gets into a car accident, they will at times get injured and therefore be in need of medical care. The severity of injuries varies and can range from minor cuts, to broken bones and even brain trauma. No matter how severe the injury, medical costs can add up. With paramedic services, emergency room visits and meeting with physicians, medical expenses can get quite costly for auto accident victims.

Medical Devices – As well as incurring hospital bills, auto accident victims will often need to pay for the cost of medical devices. These include things such as crutches, heat pads, ice packs and advanced devices needed to provide medical care.

Prescription Costs – When someone gets into an auto accident, they will often likely have to use prescription medication to help treat their injuries. These will usually include anti biotic medications for wounds as well as anti inflammatory and pain reducing medications.

Lost Wages – Getting into an auto accident can result in lost wages for many victims. Since a serious injury can make someone unable to work, they will likely lose a considerable amount of money. This will likely put them under tremendous financial strain as a result.

Care Services – Another cost associated with auto accidents is medical care services. These will often include follow up visits to a physician as well as physical therapy sessions. Those who get injured in an accident will often need to get additional rehabilitation services in order to recover from their injuries. This will get costly and can add up quickly.

The costs of auto accidents are quite high in Daytona Beach, Florida. According to, the per capita costs for Florida was approximately $900. However the costs of an auto accident run much higher in individual cases. Total motor vehicle crash injuries cost about $99 million according to the Centers for Disease and Prevention. The average auto liability claim for property damage is $3,200 and bodily injury averages around $15,400. Each collision claim is about $3,100. Private insurance companies on average only pay for 50% of the total costs. Therefore, auto accident victims will often need to deal with high costs whenever they get into an auto collision.


Since the cost of an auto accident can be quite high, it is important to get legal assistance immediately. One of the best ways to get the assistance you need is to contact a personal injury lawyer who specialize in auto accident claims. With experienced and knowledgeable auto accident lawyers, anyone who was injured in an auto accident will want to contact them as soon as possible. Auto accident lawyers will help review your case and take the necessary steps to get you the compensation you need to better cope with your injuries.

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