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Teri M. Rowe

Teri M. Rowe

Miller Kory Rowe LLP (MKR)

Phoenix, AZ, 85003


Areas Of practice
  • Criminal Defense
  • Phoenix, AZ

Teri Rowe was born in New York and has lived in Arizona since high school. She attended the University of Arizona, earning degrees in Physics and Astronomy, and interned with NASA. She spent two years working with the National Science Foundation teaching second and third grade science at underprivileged schools in Southern Arizona. She also taught professional development courses in science to elementary school teachers throughout the state.

Teri began her career as a Systems Engineer for Raytheon in Tucson with the team designing the TOW Fire & Forget anti-tank missile system. After some time with Raytheon, she found that engineering work didn’t satisfy her need to connect with people or her desire to help others.