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7 Florida Accident Stats that will Scare You

7 Florida Accident Stats that will Scare You

Being familiar with the roadways in your area is a good thing, but it can also allow for a false sense of security. Neglecting to realize the dangers lurking around on the roads in your area can lead to accidents. Having a car accident can lead to a variety damages and injuries. Learning about the common causes of these accidents and how to prevent them is important. There are a variety of statistics out there regarding Florida car accidents that may be a bit alarming and here are some of them.

1. Nearly 35,000 people Die in Car Accidents Each Year

One of the most alarming statistics regarding car accidents is that nearly 35,000 deaths occur as a result of these accidents. With this high fatality rate, you will have to keep your eyes peeled when navigating the roadways of your area. The last thing you want to do is wind up just another statistic.

2. Over 2 Million Car Crashes Will Occur This Year

When you learn that nearly 2 million car crashes will occur this year, it really puts the dangers on the roadways of America in perspective. There are a variety of laws in place to keep drivers protected. Obeying speed limits and wearing your seatbelt is a great way to keep you and your passengers safe while behind the wheel.

3. Over 21,000 Passengers are Killed in Car Accidents Each Year

Another very startling statistic regarding car accidents is over 21,000 passengers are killed in them each year. Neglecting to pay attention when you drive or take advantage of the safety features your vehicle has will not only put you in danger, but your passengers as well. A lot of bad consequences can arise from not taking your responsibility as a driver seriously.

4. Pedestrian Accidents are More Common Than You Think

There were over 4,800 pedestrian related car accidents last year. Nearly 1,700 bicyclists were injured last year as a result of a collision with a car. When you are behind the wheel, you will have to pay attention to all of the people around you. The last thing you want is to injure a pedestrian or bicyclist due to a lack of focus.

5. People from the Age of 16 to 20 Are At the Highest Risk of Car Fatalities

Nearly 1,700 of the car accident fatalities each year are people from the age of 16 to 20. Generally, this age group does not have much driving experience and are more apt to drive while distracted.

6. Alcohol Related Car Fatalities Are Common

Driving while under the influence of alcohol can cause car accidents. Over 9,500 of the car wrecks that ended in fatalities last year were caused by drunk driving. If you have a few drinks at a party, it is better to call a cab to get home than putting yourself and everyone else on the road at risk by driving under the influence.

7. Distracted Driving is a Big Problem

Distracted driving is something everyone is aware of, yet it is still a major cause of car accident fatalities. Over 3,100 people were killed as a result of distracted driving last year alone. Putting away your cell phone while driving is wise and can help you avoid accidents as well.

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